Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get with it already

I have decided that I need to keep this blog up and be better at capturing so much more of my little family's memories that become such a whisper in the past in a matter of seconds. I would put so much pressure on myself to make this blog look like other beautiful blogs that I read and I get caught up in perfection and lose the true reason why I even wanted to start it in the first place.
Mason is growing SO much EVERYDAY that keeping a daily blog wouldn't keep up. He is 13 months old and his vocabulary is exploding and his independence is becoming both admiring and annoying. Annoying may not be the best word to express my frustrations with constantly chasing after a toddler who mindlessly walks in all directions with no regard for danger or reason for even walking certain places, ie, into a parking lot, for example.
Current Masonisms are:
 Playing the bongos or dancing on the bongos
 He can find his belly button
 He can give you a "high five"
 He can say "DaDa. Duck. More. DA aka Up. Bye Bye (in a really cute way). Heeeey. Nana aka Banana. Uh-Oh. Bubble."
 He can sign "more" and "all done" for meal times.
 His walking is on point and recently on his tippy toes. Although he gets very webble wobble right before naps and bedtime.
 He is taking two naps and sleeping from 8ish to 6:30-7ish. No real complaints here!
All in all, this list could go on, but I'm going to make it a point to capture more of the daily happenings in the Money household and add cute photos from time to time.
Here's to being a better blogger mama. May the procrastination not hinder our memories! :)

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