Saturday, July 14, 2012

Get with it already

I have decided that I need to keep this blog up and be better at capturing so much more of my little family's memories that become such a whisper in the past in a matter of seconds. I would put so much pressure on myself to make this blog look like other beautiful blogs that I read and I get caught up in perfection and lose the true reason why I even wanted to start it in the first place.
Mason is growing SO much EVERYDAY that keeping a daily blog wouldn't keep up. He is 13 months old and his vocabulary is exploding and his independence is becoming both admiring and annoying. Annoying may not be the best word to express my frustrations with constantly chasing after a toddler who mindlessly walks in all directions with no regard for danger or reason for even walking certain places, ie, into a parking lot, for example.
Current Masonisms are:
 Playing the bongos or dancing on the bongos
 He can find his belly button
 He can give you a "high five"
 He can say "DaDa. Duck. More. DA aka Up. Bye Bye (in a really cute way). Heeeey. Nana aka Banana. Uh-Oh. Bubble."
 He can sign "more" and "all done" for meal times.
 His walking is on point and recently on his tippy toes. Although he gets very webble wobble right before naps and bedtime.
 He is taking two naps and sleeping from 8ish to 6:30-7ish. No real complaints here!
All in all, this list could go on, but I'm going to make it a point to capture more of the daily happenings in the Money household and add cute photos from time to time.
Here's to being a better blogger mama. May the procrastination not hinder our memories! :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An update I started a while back...will post but a more current update to follow!

I started this update almost two months ago and am going to post it anyway. I now have 7 month pictures to post and lots more to update about. Will work on that next. Until then, here is a look into the past. Time really flies and I'm proving to be a pretty bad blogger mom! :)

It has been waaaay too long since my last post and I sincerely apologize for anyone trying to keep up with the NC Moneys. A lot has been happening so here are some highlights:
*I completed a six week CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) course that is required for the nursing programs at the local colleges. Whew! I haven't been in school since 2007 and I was a little nervous. I did really well in the class and am looking forward to the upcoming nursing classes and becoming a RN!

*Mason is FIVE months old in these pictures and doing all kinds of new things every single day.
Happy Boy


He started sitting up on his own on October 22 in Scott and Laura's house in Birmingham before the Alabama v Tennessee game. He still topples over, but is doing a great job of sitting up with assistance. 
He has also started holding his bottle on his own, although he tends to suck a lot of air instead of what is actually in the bottle.
Mason has moved onto some solid foods and is proving to be quite the healthy eater. He weighed 18lbs at his last appointment!

He is currently teething and drools all over EVERYTHING! Anything he can get his hands on, goes straight into his mouth. This includes Butters tail, your pant leg, his toes, car keys, mail coupon flyers, etc.

Mason enjoyed his first Halloween as a precious monkey with his outfit from KK. He was also a pumpkin, but his monkey outfit was adorable!

*Dave turned 33 the other day and had a very uneventful birthday. We ALL got a case of a stomach flu and I had it horribly on his birthday. He spent the day taking care of a cranky baby and a sick wife. Here is a self taken picture (because I was too sick to take it myself, but wanted the picture) of his yummy pumpkin pie ice cream birthday cake.
Blowing out the candles

Thursday, September 22, 2011


No cute pictures with this post. I just wanted to capture what is going on in the Money house in the raw at 6:18am before I get ready for work. Last night was Mason's first night to sleep in his crib for the WHOLE night and I think I actually lost more sleep. I watched the baby monitor like a hawk and when my eyes got tired, I listened like my life depended on it. He has recently started rolling onto his belly, holding his head up well and as you can see from my previous post, doing lots of "talking." All these new developments have led to sleepless nights with all of us waking up to see what all the fuss is about in the co-sleeper. Something had to be done before zombie mommy turned into mean mommy. I pushed for us to get the monitor set up in his crib and suggested to "leave him alone for 3 more minutes" when he wakes up and starts to fuss before we go pick him up. Dave, being the sweet Dad that he is, is ready to go get Mason with the first peep. I have to admit, last night I craved for Mason to fuss so we could go soothe him and maybe even bring him back up to our bedroom for some snuggle time. But, noooooo. That big boy slept all night long and is even still asleep right now! How bittersweet it is to have a baby show their independence and heaven forbid, GROW! Even though I start each new day with a groggy brain and sleepy eyes, I wouldn't change one sleepless minute in this world. I am so blessed!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

you + me = our perfect combination

My mom has been going through old photos recently, per my request, and has come across some pretty cute memories. I thought I would share some sweet little baby Dave and baby Jaime pictures. And of course, some even sweeter baby Mason pictures!

Cutie pie, baby Dave. Love those socks!

Six month old baby Jaime

Happy baby Dave!
Sleepy baby Jaime

Baby Jaime really enjoying that swing

Baby Dave deep in thought out in the woods

Adorable baby Dave 
Smiley baby Jaime :)

Now onto the cute pictures of our little guy...

Most of our photo shoots start out like this

And this photo shoot brightened up with some singing from Mama

Ended the 3 month photo shoot with a smile
Loves his baths! Last sink bath. He has outgrown it!

Somehow the babysitter got him to pose like the gorilla?

First game day of the season! Roll Tide!!

I found this quote and completely agree. 
Here is Mason's first outburst caught on camera. He has recently found his voice and LOVES to hear it. I'm thankful Dave was quick enough to grab the camera and capture this fun moment. Until next time...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Our little man is growing like a weed and we have discovered a way to show how much he grows each month. We have some pretty hilarious photo shoots and here are a few examples...

1 month old

2 months old!

Daddy's little song

Bunny ears!

Happy boy :)
Surprise face

He is such a fun baby and those eyes are always wide open and ready for his next discovery.

Our big boy had his first day of daycare. Mama cried all the way to work :*(

Another form of growth in our family recently was a decision we made during our last trip to Alabama. We had Mason dedicated at Dave's family church, Abbeville United Methodist, on July 31, 2011. It was a very sweet ceremony that allowed us to show our commitment to God and everyone else how we want to grow in our faith and raise our family. Mason was given a precious gown to wear by his Aunt Kristen. 

Here are a few pictures from the ceremony and a video made by Uncle Scott and Aunt Laura. We are thankful they were able to capture this day for all of our family to see. 
Our little family

My sweet boy. He is my heart!

Mason and his Daddy

Preacher Yawn with the Money's

Thanks for reading our update. Looking forward to our next milestone to post. Much love :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

From the "beginning"

Hello family and friends! I want to start this blog with a brief synopsis of my immediate family. My hope in creating this blog is to have what my beautiful sister-in-law suggested,"a permanent scrapbook!" It is also being created due to the suggestion of my niece, Anna Clare. Thanks for the push, AC! I hope I don't let you down. :)

I meet my soulmate.

I met my husband, Dave, in the fall of 2007 in Boone, NC. We were both working at the local hospital and happened to catch each other's eye. This picture was taken after an open mic that Dave and his best friend, Jon Pitchford, played at a local restaurant/bar. It was one of our first nights hanging out and my crush was confirmed after watching Dave perform.

Time went on and we became inseparable...

We found out along the way how many "likes" we had in common:

  • Snowboarding

  • The beach

  • New York City

  • Hiking and camping

  • Love for Alabama football and the Yankees
  • My ability to easily learn to love football and baseball season

  • And of course, "Our" Avett Brothers! to just name a few things.

This all lead to a very BIG, LONG hike up to the top of Mt. Leconte

that led to THIS...

We became engaged on October 25, 2008

The start of a family.

I married my very best friend on October 10, 2009

We "moneymooned" in sunny California

And bought a cabin nestled in the mountains of Asheville, NC

And lastly, found out we were pregnant on September 17, 2010

On June 7, 2011 we welcomed our son, Mason Ford Money, into the world at 3:53am. Our lives together have been so blessed since the very beginning, but our newest addition has enriched our daily lives with grace and love a thousand times over. My boys are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

Alright, now that we are somewhat caught up with the main points (with lots of sweet memories left out in between), I am set up to start updating on our current adventures. Until next time...which will hopefully be often enough to keep you entertained. Much love!